Welcome to H02b!

I didn’t chicken out. No one thought I would actually go and see the plots in the freezing cold, but I did. My best friend and I went to look at the allotments. The first thing I quite quickly learnt was, knee-high heeled boots are not appropriate and actually make walking on wet uneven earth very difficult. The second thing was my coat wasn’t doing a thing, I mean I probably could have taken it off and not noticed a difference? So I suppose a shopping trip is in the future.

The second thing I learnt was all the plots looked fine. Sure they were slightly weed-y (is that a word?), some of them had redundant sheds and the plot I ended up being allocated has a very strange metal frame dumped in the middle of it? (I think it’s the remains of a greenhouse but it could also be a football goal. So all those things I read online telling me that my plot would look post-war zone, didn’t apply here.

After walking around these two sites, looking at various bits of earth, I returned home to my very warm sitting room and emailed the lovely lady who had sent me over the information telling her that any of the half plots were fine and a few of the full plots would be fine at a stretch. Yesterday –  4 days later – I received an email saying my contract was in the post and plot H02b is mine.

This was a small plot, the smallest on offer. But I liked that about it because honestly, I don’t want to be too ambitious and kill everything anyway. The entire site is actually relatively small but all the plots look well kept and lots of them have been made to look artistically beautiful.

So now the question is…. where do I start? I’ll be posting ‘before’ pictures when I go and see the plot next.

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”
― William GoldmanThe Princess Bride

*** The featured picture here is to remind us all on this cold day of the wonderful creation of bbq’s in the summer sun. This was in my garden last year, commemorating our first BBQ in my house. ***

~ J


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