Might I have a bit of Earth?

After what seemed like the longest day at work – ever known to mankind throughout history – I arrived home to a white envelope which felt like something was inside. My heart jumped slightly, maybe it was money? Maybe I had won the lottery and they had sent me a cheque or a free car and inside was the keys- upon opening the letter I realised my sights had been set a little too high, for inside was a shiny silver key and a letter which outlined that I had put my name down for an allotment a while back and now, various plots had become available.

Enclosed were three allotment plans, each close to my house. Other than the location and the various boxes with numbers in them, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for? There were no pictures of the plots, no warming description about the previous owners time –  like when you buy a house. I sent the pictures to my brother – who is already a successful alotment-er??? I’m not 100% that’s the correct terminology for them but hey – hoping that he would have some insight into what it was I needed to look for.
The suggestion? Go see them.

So pencilling in my diary, the following Friday evening I would go and see the allotments. Have I mentioned it’s November? So my idea of fun is not currently walking around patches of land in the freezing cold. However, the letter did say that there was LOTS of interest and I should contact them ASAP.

Not sure what it is I should be looking for, at work the next morning I googled “Allotments for Beginners” and what an eyeopener that was. Everything told me that the land would be sky high in weeds and there would be enough rubbish and metal and timber to build a house, I would need removal van and whilst I’m at it, there will be so many weeds that it will take a year to clean, so I might as well buy two compost bins. I will need a strimmer and a greenhouse and tools, I should grow my plants organically, no- wait – I should use chemicals. I should use seeds/bulbs/pre-grown plants.


STOP STOP STOP…. What?! Why is there no easy manual? I can barely remember to feed myself and often forget what day it is so how am I supposed to remember all this?

Taking a deep breath, I decided the best thing for it would be to – naturally – ignore all the advise given by these experienced people and ‘wing it’

Today is Thursday, and written in big green letters in front of me, sits FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2017. GO SEE ALLOTMENTS. So tomorrow I will dish out my boots from the cupboard and a coat. I will walk to each allotment and if perchance, there is a spot of land which I feel I can work with, then maybe there will be another post on this blog.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
― Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden
~ J

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